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Alginate Impression and Diagnostic Study Model Techniques
Activity Expires: 10-07-2013

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Academy of General Dentistry

Overview / Abstract

This continuing education course is intended for general dentists, hygienists, dental assistants and dental students. Accumulation of dental data provides the foundation for comprehensive dental care. Alginate impressions and study models have been used in dentistry for years, primarily to aid in diagnosis and treatment planning. This CE course is intended to show how alginate impressions and study models are a valuable adjunct in providing optimal patient care.

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Credits / Hours

3 hours

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Presenters / Authors / Faculty

Ellen G. Gambardella, CDA, M.Ed.; Rita J. Johnson, COA, RDH, MA

Activity Specialities / Related Topics
Dental Hygiene, Dentistry "Cosmetic", Dentistry "Laser", Orthodontics

Activity Disciplines
Dental CDE

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