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Cannabis (Marijuana) for Medical Use

Reviews the medicinal use of cannabis, introduces the endocannabinoid system, addresses myths, outlines therapeutic indications, and spells out dosages and routes of administration. This course addresses public policy and legal issues as use of medicinal cannabis becomes legal in a growing number of states throughout the United States. Course Objectives *Summarize the myths and truths abou...
ATrain Education Inc.

Designer Drugs: Bath Salts, Synthetic Cannabinoids, and Synthetic Hallucinogens

Designer drugs are synthetic compounds whose molecular structures have been modified based on chemically similar illicit drugs. The newly created substances can often be purchased legally because their modified chemical structures are not covered under existing drug laws. Since, in many cases, designer drugs are not yet illegal, they are inaccurately referred to as “legal highs” or “herbal...
ATrain Education Inc.

Diabetes Type 2: Nothing Sweet About It

When you finish this course, you will be able to: *Summarize the history of Diabetes Mellitus. *Summarize the prevalence, mortality, and morbidity of diabetes. *Compare and contrast the four classifications of diabetes mellitus. *Explain the body’s regulation of blood glucose during the normal metabolism of foods and the pathology that arises with diabetes mellitus. *Describe risk facto...
ATrain Education Inc.

Influenza 2016-2017

Annual review of the impact of influenza, seasonal and pandemic. Includes epidemiology, virus types and subtypes, how influenza viruses drift and shift, and a look at the devastation caused by the 1918–1919 worldwide influenza pandemic. Discusses the goal of universal vaccination, diagnosis and treatment, and the composition of the 2016–2017 vaccines for prevention of seasonal influenza. ...
ATrain Education Inc.

Kentucky: Domestic Violence

This course meets the domestic violence continuing education requirement for healthcare providers in the state of Kentucky. The scope of domestic violence includes violence against women, children, and elders. This course describes best practices for screening, assessment, and documenting signs of violence when seen in the healthcare setting. Outlines Kentucky reporting requirements and discu...
ATrain Education Inc.

New York: Child Abuse and Maltreatment/Neglect for Mandated Reporters

This course is approved by the New York State Department of Education and meets the continuing education requirement for coursework in Child Abuse and Maltreatment for New York healthcare professionals. Defines child abuse, maltreatment, and neglect, plus mandated reporters and requirements for reporting as defined by New York State. Presents indicators of possible mistreatment, including bo...
ATrain Education Inc.

Pain: Healthcare's Persistent Challenge

Outlines efforts to improve pain management policies, procedures, and healthcare professional education in the United States. Covers both pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic treatment of pain and discusses the reasons for the startling increase in use, misuse, and abuse of prescription opioids. Describes pain management in special populations and offers effective tools for assessing and document...
ATrain Education Inc.

Parkinson’s Disease: Moving Forward

A thorough review of Parkinson’s comprising its history, genetics, biomarkers, and rating scales, with particular emphasis on preserving gait and other motor and cognitive functions over the course of the disease. Includes a personal narrative by a patient who has Parkinson’s. *Trace the history of “shaking palsy” in Western medicine. *Discuss the role of dopamine and Lewy bodies in ...
ATrain Education Inc.

Pennsylvania: Child Abuse, Recognition, and Reporting for Mandated Reporters

This course is approved by Pennsylvania Department of Human Services and the Pennsylvania Department of State. It fulfills the 3-unit requirement for training in child abuse recognition and reporting for mandated reporters. PA CE Provider #CACE000044. Program #CAPR000042. This online course is for healthcare providers and other professionals in Pennsylvania who are mandated to report suspec...
ATrain Education Inc.

Teaching Patients about Diabetes

Healthcare professionals who are not diabetes educators are still often called upon to teach diabetes patients techniques of self-care. This involves an understanding about how adults learn and how to create an environment that supports their learning. It is essential to the daily life and future of people with diabetes that they understand and practice self-care so they can manage a disease tha...
ATrain Education Inc.

West Virginia: Mental Health Care of American Veterans and Their Families

This course fulfills the West Virginia requirement for training on mental health conditions common to veterans and family members of veterans and includes information about inquiring whether your patients are veterans or family members of veterans, screening for conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), risk of suicide, depression and grief, and prevention of suicide. *Descri...
ATrain Education Inc.

West Virginia: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

An overview of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and its implication for veterans, their families, and the community. Includes symptoms and diagnostic criteria, populations at risk for PTSD, treatment modalities, and resources for veterans, families, and healthcare providers.
ATrain Education Inc.

Zika Virus (ZIKV)

Zika fever is a mosquito-borne illness that in humans can cause fever, malaise, and cutaneous rash. Zika virus (ZIKV) was first isolated in Uganda in 1947 and has since spread from the continent of Africa to many other areas of the world, including Oceania, and South and Central America. This course describes how the Zika virus is transmitted via the Aedes aegypti mosquito as well as clinical si...
ATrain Education Inc.

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