Printing Machine Maintenance

By prioritising employee training, we ensure that each machine is serviced as per the standards & procedures specified by the original machine manufacturers. For reliable support, we facilitate engineer appointments through our dedicated help line as well as through our website.
System Electronics

Fashion Flats

Flat sketching is an essential part of garment production. It communicates details in the design and construction of a garment, from concept to marketing. This course introduces the professional techniques used to create fashion flats, ranging from traditional hand sketching to the use of Adobe Illustrator to produce sketches digitally in a vector format. Prerequisite: Mac Basics or equivalent; experience with Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop is a plus. Limited to 16. Open to Non-Credit and...
The New School

Professional Practices: Fashion

This course introduces you to working in the fashion industry, whether your focus is fashion design, illustration, textile design, buying, or merchandising. Through lectures, research, visiting professionals, and field trips, you are familiarized with current models of practice and study the various roles involved in shaping a contemporary fashion business. Whether you intend to freelance or intern, establish a small design studio, or work for a fashion company, this course helps you understan...
The New School

Brand Strategy and Accessory Design

Develop, design, and realize a collection of accessories. Then learn how to make your line of products a brand by bringing to life its unique message. Learn how to sketch your ideas to industry standards. Explore who the customer is, determine the sales channels, and define a unique brand identity for your products. Use current technology to makea final PowerPoint “deck” and real-time information that will give you the foundation you need to enter the marketplace. Knowledge of PowerPoint a...
The New School

Fashion Marketing in a Global Environment

This course provides a foundation in fashion marketing strategy within a global context. Students learn marketing terminology and concepts through analysis of target markets, the global marketplace, branding communication, and the development of integrated marketing programs within the fashion industry. Students investigate the theoretical and practical underpinnings of marketing design and learn to build profitable customer relationships. The class examines the process of product planning, pr...
The New School

Retail Buying

Learn to work with a retail buyer or become one yourself. This course is essential for managers, retail business owners, and all manufacturer’s account representatives. Topics include open to buys, cumulative markups, shortages, vendor analysis, and stock sales. Students learn to buy or communicate with buyers on their level and complete practical and realistic assignments. Bring a calculator to the first class. Limited to 16. Open to Non-Credit and Certificate Students. Open to Degree st...
The New School

Fashion Merchandising

Study the fundamentals of merchandising: market research, planning and control, product development, promotion, and presentation. Analyze case studies outlining strategies used by manufacturers and retailers. Study the impact of consumer behavior, its relationship to forecasting, and the importance of “global merchandising.” Limited to 16. Open to Non-Credit and Certificate Students. Open to Degree students with permission of program
The New School

Consumer Behavior

Today’s competitive marketing climate has led many companies to explore theories of consumer behavior. This course focuses on the profile of the consumer-psychographics and demographics- and consumer interests, with an emphasis on generational marketing. Segmented and niche markets and their development are also discussed. Limited to 16. Open to Non-Credit and Certificate Students. Open to Degree students with permission of program
The New School

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