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Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry of USC

Emerging Diseases, Infection Control & California Dental Practice Act (LECTURE & LIVE WEBINAR)

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New diseases, as well as the return of some once thought eradicated diseases, are a major concern in the modern dental practice. It seems as if every few months a disease is developing and or capturing headlines. The signs and symptoms of many emerging diseases such as community-acquired methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (CA-MRSA), seasonal flu and development of drug-resistant bacteria will be described, and effective preventive measures will be discussed. The course will also cover topics such as general disease transmission, standard precautions, disinfection and sterilization as well as updated requirement for using sterile water or a disinfecting or antibacterial agent when irrigating exposed dental pulp.

The course will review Cal-OSHA’s top dental office citations, discuss the CDC guidelines as well as the current mandated minimum standards for infection control in the dental setting from the Dental Board of California regulations. Participants will be provided with an easy-to-apply checklist for reviewing their office’s compliance with infection control and safety policies and guidelines.

The section on the California Dental Practice Act will present the recent changes in the laws that impact the practice of dentistry. It will cover the topics necessary for renewal of your license, including your duties as mandated reporter of child, elder, and domestic partner abuse; violations of the Dental Practice Act; and powers of enforcement held by the Dental Board.

  • This class satisfies the California Infection Control and California Dental Practice Act license renewal requirements for dentists, dental hygienists, and currently licensed registered dental assistants.


Know the principles of disease transmission and Universal/Standard precautions
Understand Cal-OSHA compliance issues, sterilization and disinfection
Become familiar with the updated CDC infection control guidelines
Understand the infection control practices mandated by the Dental Board of California
Know the recent changes in the Dental Practice Act and the basic rules for avoiding problems that could place your dental license in jeopardy
Know how to use dental auxiliaries effectively within current California law
Provide a safer environment for patients and the dental team


This course is designed for all dental licensees and satisfies the mandatory requirement that all licensed dental healthcare personnel take two units each of infection control and the California Dental Practice Act (DPA) every renewal cycle. Course participants will also gain knowledge about emerging diseases with potential implications for dentistry.


Before/After January 1, 2019

In Person Lecture
Dentist: $210 / $290
Auxiliary: $180 / $250

Live Webinar
Dentist: $185 / $205
Auxiliary: $155 / $175


Feb 02, 2019


Dental CDE



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Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry of USC

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