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Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry of USC

Periodontal And Implant Decision Making: From Treating The Ailing Tooth To The Failing Implant (LECTURE & LIVE WEBINAR)

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Overview / Abstract:

Understanding implant treatment planning requires both restorative and surgical perspectives. Further complicating implant dentistry are the challenges in treating the ailing implant. Surgically, implants are an obvious choice for edentulous areas, however challenges arise when replacement of questionable teeth with implants are contemplated. Periodontal literature provides insights when maintaining the dentition is possible. However, there are situations where the decision to replace teeth with implants is not very clear. The aim of the course is to explore the multiple facets of implant dentistry including the treatment of ailing implants in order to achieve a broad perspective that will be valuable to surgical and periodontal decision making. Topics will include origins and science behind osseointegration, current trends in peri-implantitis therapy a basic review of surgical procedures typically used for augmentation and implant site preparation, implant success and failure, an understanding of periodontal prognosis of teeth in relation to implant prognosis, and surgical treatment planning of implants. The goal is to combine a broad understanding of the current science behind implants and the treatment of their complications in order to develop a more concise treatment plan that helps navigate the difficult question of when to replace natural teeth with implants, or even when to replace ailing implants.


New disease classifications in peri implant diseases from the World Workshop released in 2018
Emerging therapies for treating peri-implantitis
Prevention of peri-implant disease
Alternatives to titanium implants
Periodontal diseases and their potential impact on implant prognosis
Tooth prognosis versus implant prognosis
Implants as foreign bodies
Peri-implant disease
Peri-implantitis in comparison to periodontitis lesions
Prognostic evaluation of teeth in treatment planning for implants
Prognosis of traditional therapy versus implant treatment


Current theories behind peri-implantitis
Emerging modalities for treatment of peri-implant disease
Principals of osseointegration
Principals of implant site preparation and augmentation
Differences between treatment planning implants for sites with and without teeth
How to assign a concise prognosis for involved teeth
How to select teeth for strategic extraction
Indications and contraindications for placing dental implants in periodontally compromised cases


This course is intended for dentists, periodontists, oral surgeons, prosthodontists, hygienists, dental assistants and all members of the dental team.


Before/After May 1, 2019

In-Person Lecture
Dentist: $275/$315
Auxiliary: $210/$250

Live Streaming Webinar
Dentist: $245/$285
Auxiliary: $180/$220


Jun 07, 2019


Dental CDE

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Alon Frydman, DDS, Krikor Simonian, DDS

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Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry of USC Free CE CME

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