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Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry of USC

A Simple Two-Step Treatment Of Severe Periodontitis, And More! (LECTURE)

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The recognition of microbial specificity in periodontitis has afforded dental practitioners the ability to prevent and treat the disease with a variety of antimicrobial drugs. These include systemic antibiotics against specific bacterial and viral pathogens, professional subgingival irrigation with povidone-iodine and dilute sodium hypochlorite (bleach) for home-use. Systemic antibiotic therapy can be essential in eliminating pathogens that invade gingival tissue and in helping control periodontal pathogens residing in various domains of the mouth from where they may translocate to periodontal sites. Frequently used periodontal combination antibiotic therapies are metronidazole-amoxicillin and metronidazole-ciprofloxacin. Systemic valacyclovir against herpesvirus is prescribed for severe periodontitis. Commercial controlled release devices suffer from several potential problems, including insufficient spectrum of antimicrobial activity in some periodontal polymicrobial infections, risks of producing an antibiotic resistant microbiota, and high acquisition costs. In this course, Dr. Slots presents a periodontal treatment protocol that includes a battery of professionally and patient administered antimicrobial agents. These chemotherapeutics can provide effective, safe, practical and affordable means of controlling subgingival colonization of periodontal pathogens and virtually all types of periodontal disease. Treatment protocols and cases will be presented.


The type of periodontal patients who should be treated with adjunctive antimicrobial therapy.
Safe and effective antimicrobial therapies and how to select the most optimal antibiotic and antiseptic therapy for individual patients.
Effective and rational recall programs for periodontitis patients.
Highly effective, long-lasting and inexpensive means of combating bad breath and some types of tooth sensitivity (this part of the course is extremely valuable and the information is not being presented in other CE courses in the USA).
The course will present data from clinical scientific studies and from own clinical case reports on antimicrobial periodontal therapy. In a clinical demonstration, the course participants will experience, in their own mouth, an instantaneous benefit of effective antimicrobial therapy.


This course is recommended for dentists and dental hygienists, who are interested in improving their clinical skills and treat periodontitis-affected teeth. It will provide participants with modern news on the etiology of periodontitis and practical and predictable techniques on how to arrest severe periodontitis in minimal time with minimal cost. A simple and effective follow-up maintenance therapy is also presented.


Before July 15, 2019
Dentist: $315
Auxiliary: $270

After July 15, 2019
Dentist: $385
Auxiliary: $330


Aug 24, 2019


Dental CDE



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Jørgen Slots, DDS, DMD, PhD, MS, MBA

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Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry of USC

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