Welcome to the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine Office of Continuing Medical Education (OCME). We strive to provide up-to-date clinical and research information in educational formats such that participants are able to improve their knowledge, skills, attitudes, behaviors, and the clinical outcomes for their patients.

The vision of OCME is to provide physicians and other health care providers exemplary cutting-edge knowledge and skills from research through delivery of care, to improve the quality of medical practice and patient management worldwide.
Our goals are:
To present new knowledge and its application to various levels of health care and disease prevention
Based on the needs of audiences of health care providers, provide educational activities targeted to specific physician/ team audiences within the medical center to keep their knowledge and skills at the highest possible levels commensurate with the standards of excellence at Johns Hopkins
To increase OCME's capabilities to understand and measure the needs of its diverse physician audiences through increased research in educational needs and ultimately outcomes
To partner with other distinguished organizations and institutions, under the clinical and scientific guidance of the Johns Hopkins faculty, to offer educational activities to regional, national, and international medical communities that expand the reach and contribution of the Johns Hopkins clinical and scientific faculty
To develop and evaluate new educational tools employing emerging technologies to bring biomedical knowledge and delivery of health care to physicians worldwide
To meet or exceed the Essential Areas and Policies of the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) and the guidelines of the American Medical Association's Physician Recognition Award (AM/PRA)

The content of our activities includes primary care, specialty and subspecialty topics in the broad field of medicine. The scope of our activities involves the full body of knowledge and skills generally recognized and accepted by the profession as within the basic sciences, the discipline of clinical medicine, the business of medicine, and the provision of healthcare to the public.

We target all physicians and other health care professionals, locally, nationally and globally. OCME sponsors conferences and workshops, including hands-on and skills-training, home study courses, visiting clinical fellowships, practicums, and preceptorships, other enduring materials including print, video, audio and Internet CME, as well as innovative and interactive formats of distance education.

As a result of these educational activities, we foster the continuing professional development of health care providers. Our offerings are intended to enhance physician and other health care professionals training in a manner that will positively affect professional knowledge with the goal of improving patient care. OCME is committed to reassessing the impact our Program and Activities have on an ongoing basis through qualitative and quantitative methods to ensure that these goals are met.

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