Comprehensive Medication Therapy Management for Asthma: A Patient-Centered Approach

Asthma is an important health concern which impacts the well-being of children and adults, alike. Community pharmacists can play a key role in helping to improve medical care in patients with asthma by providing comprehensive medication therapy management (CMTM) services. This online interactive course utilizes case-based scenarios to review patient-centered approaches to patient interviewing, shared goal setting, patient-oriented assessment of pharmacotherapeutic asthma regimens, and triage a...
University of Maryland School of Pharmacy: CIPS Knowledge Enterprise

Respiratory Drug Delivery Tools: Effective Use & Safety

Asthma and COPD are important public health concerns with significant economic and clinical consequences. The increasing number of respiratory delivery devices being used to deliver medication to the lung makes it difficult for health professionals to keep current. Yet, patient outcomes are contingent on proper inhalation technique. This course familiarizes health professionals with proper technique and prepares them to provide quality patient education on currently available respiratory devic...
University of Maryland School of Pharmacy: CIPS Knowledge Enterprise

Inhaler Device Counseling Technique

This course provides the fundamentals of coaching patients in proper inhaler technique. Included in the course package learners will receive: four (4) placebo devices shipped to the learner, an online audiovisual classroom presentation supported by reference materials, and an individualized feedback session to guide health professionals in the delivery of effective inhaler device counseling. This multimedia activity is developed online and may be accessed through your desktop or mobile devi...
University of Maryland School of Pharmacy: CIPS Knowledge Enterprise

Asthma & COPD Clinical Pharmacy Series

Pharmacists eager to provide advanced clinical services to patients with asthma are encouraged to enroll. The course prepares the learner with the P3 Process of Care for delivery of Comprehensive Medication Therapy Management (CMTMS) in patients with asthma. CMTMS has been studied and proven to improve the health status of patients while reducing unnecessary costs of care. Recently published landmark clinical trials related to pharmacologic managements are reviewed and placed into the perspect...
University of Maryland School of Pharmacy: CIPS Knowledge Enterprise

Asthma Community Pharmacy Series

Asthma is a prevalent and important health condition with significant public health, quality of life, and economic consequences. Patient outcomes are contingent on pharmacists identifying patients whose asthma is out of control, being able to make brief interventions to improve care and ensure proper inhalation technique in their patients. This program prepares community pharmacists to identify at risk patients who can benefit from pharmacist intervention; assess their condition and medication...
University of Maryland School of Pharmacy: CIPS Knowledge Enterprise

Asthma Devices and the Health Care Professional Series

In many health and educational settings, professionals are exposed to individuals who are struggling with uncontrolled asthma or poorly controlled COPD or engaged in ineffective self-management strategies. This series will equip learners with a practical but thorough understanding of inhaler devices, their proper use and care. In addition, learners will become familiar with how to identify poor inhaler technique and how to coach patients to improve their use of respiratory delivery devices. Re...
University of Maryland School of Pharmacy: CIPS Knowledge Enterprise

Quality Improvement of Asthma Care in Pediatrics & Family Practice Medical Homes

Program Description Developing effective care management processes based on evidence-based guidelines can be challenging amongst competing demands in today’s primary care practices. This presentation will share the experiences of two primary care practices in implementing, maintaining, and evaluating care management processes for the management of chronic asthma in pediatric and adult patients, touching on staff organization and training, use of an electronic medical record, and the selecti...
The Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University

Asthma, Calming the Airway

Clinical characteristics of asthma and related airway inflammation, plus the host and environmental factors that contribute to asthma, as well as medication management and the client education essential to optimal results. When you finish this course, you will be able to: *Discuss the incidence and prevalence of asthma in the United States. *Explain the assessment and diagnosis of asthma. *Summarize the differential diagnosis and comorbidities of asthma. *List the environmental factor...
ATrain Education Inc.

Asthma Management and Education

Overview: The Asthma Management and Education course is structured around NAEPP’s “Four Components of Asthma Management.” Allied Health professionals who complete the course will expand their knowledge of these four components which include: information on assessment and monitoring, control of environmental factors, pharmacologic management, and patient education. Course Outline: I. Introduction Facts about Asthma Myths about Asthma II. Assessment and Monitoring Diagnos...
Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America

Clinical Trials for Immunologic Disease Online

Target Audience/Purpose This is a basic course in clinical trial methodology, particularly as it relates to immunologic disease. It reviews the key elements of clinical trials, including types of trials, designing feasible trials, statistical issues, and surrogate markers that might be used. It discusses strategies for entering into the funding stream. A practicum is offered to participants using a model scenario in order to work through the issues one faces in developing a clinical trial. ...
Federation of Clinical Immunology Societies (FOCiS)

Interventional Immunology Online

Target Audience/Purpose The Interventional Immunology course familiarizes practicing physicians with the scientific basis of novel immune therapies, their clinical applications, and possible side-effects and limitations. The content of this webinar was captured during the live Interventional Immunology course, June 24, 2011 in Washington, D.C. The estimated time to complete this activity is 4.5 hours. Course Objectives Upon completion of this activity, the participant should be able to: ...
Federation of Clinical Immunology Societies (FOCiS)

Basic Immunology in Medicine Online

Target Audience/Purpose The purpose of Basic Immunology in Medicine is to educate physicians on the fundamental mechanisms underlying immunologic diseases and the principles for therapeutic modulastion of the immune system. The course is deisgned to meet the needs of physicians whose specialties now require an understanding of how the immune system mediates the pathogenesis of diseases they diagnose and treat. The content of this webinar was captured during the live Basic Immunology in Medici...
Federation of Clinical Immunology Societies (FOCiS)

Advanced Course in Basic & Clinical Immunology Online

The target audience includes clinical fellows in disciplines related to immunology, including rheumatology, allergy, infectious disease, oncology and transplantation, fellows doing basic research with an emphasis on human disease, scientists or other research and development personnel from biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies who are involved in developing new therapies for immunological disease and academic or community physicians who wish to enhance their understanding of immunology. T...
Federation of Clinical Immunology Societies (FOCiS)

Peak Flow & Spirometry for Pharmacists Working with COPD & Asthma

Peak flow and spirometry readings offer important clinical information for pharmacists caring for patients with COPD and Asthma. When taken in conjunction with the Asthma Clinical Pharmacist Series, this course will provide pharmacists with an appreciation of the use of peak flow and spirometry test results when monitoring drug therapy. In this course, pharmacists will observe both spirometry and peak flow testing, review pulmonary function test results, and be prepared to teach patients how t...
University of Maryland School of Pharmacy: CIPS Knowledge Enterprise

Management Of Acute Asthma In The Emergency Department

Abstract Asthma is primarily a clinical diagnosis that is made from a combination of historical features and clinical examination findings. The mainstay of asthma treatment includes short-acting beta agonist therapy (albuterol) and steroids. Handheld inhalers are sufficient for most inhaled therapy; all patients on inhalers should be provided with a spacer. The severity of asthma exacerbations is determined by 3 features: (1) clinical presentation, (2) peak expiratory flow rates, and (3) vi...
EB Medicine

Buteyko Breathing Level I

This is a prerecorded "on demand" webinar. See brochure at for course description

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