Rhino I

Learn 3D modeling techniques using Rhino 3D—a powerful, versatile modeling software program applicable to design disciplines including architecture, sculpture, and interior, furniture, product, and jewelry design. Rhino is fast, intuitive, easy to learn, and compatible with many other software packages. A wide array of plug-ins also enables you to perform an impressive and ever-evolving range of functions with Rhino. Projects help you acquire the fundamentals of digital design along with ski...
The New School

BIM/Revit I

Revit is a tool that enables you to communicate ideas in three dimensions. Learn the basics of Revit Architecture software and its role in BIM (Building Information Modeling) through project creation beginning with an architectural model and development of 3D interior designs and annotation. Intended for architects and interior designers, this course provides an overview of model creation and documentation and the collaborative process involved in using Revit Architecture. The course also illu...
The New School

Macintosh Basics

Proficiency with the Macintosh Operating System is necessary for most of the computer courses that follow. This course is for those with little or no previous experience on the Mac. Limited to 16. Open to Non-Credit and Certificate Students. Open to Degree students with permission of program
The New School

Online Computer Technician Certificate

The Online Computer Technician Certificate program prepares students for entry-level jobs in information technology and CompTIA A+ certification. The program teaches computer basics, system hardware and software, troubleshooting, security techniques, networking and operational procedures. Students have access to unlimited student support, and upon graduation, will receive CompTIA A+ exam vouchers.
California State University San Bernardino

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